Salads Bravo
Gogakis | Serres Salad Production Laboratory

The "Gogakis" salad production workshop is a family business, which has been active since 1988 with the production and distribution of "Bravo" salads, which stand out both for their quality and their unique taste.

Housed in privately owned modern facilities in Provatas, Serres, the salad production workshop has highly specialized staff, who with passion, love and following all hygiene rules take care of the production and packaging of our products.

we produce and offer you ketchup, mustards, mayonnaise, tzatziki, Russian, cheese salad and many more dishes - ointments that can pleasantly accompany every meal and give it a unique taste.

Our products are available in 2kg, 1kg, 450gr and 250gr taper packages, while some of them in 4kg drums and 500gr bottles.
They are available for wholesale and we address catering businesses such as restaurants, hotels, steakhouses, catering, etc. as well as in super markets, grocery stores, delicatessens, etc. in the prefecture of Serres, Thessaloniki, Drama, Kilkis as well as in the neighboring country of Bulgaria.
  For the production of our salads

we carefully select selected raw materials, from trusted suppliers, in order to be sure that we will provide you with guaranteed tasty, quality and safe products.

With continuous modernizations in our production facility, our products meet all conditions and cover all requirements as we implement a food safety management system based on the HACCP standard and we are certified according to ELOT EN ISO 22000: 2018 food safety management systems. We respond to high standards at every stage of production, packaging and distribution of our finished products.

for any question about our products or to place your order. We directly serve the prefecture of Serres, Thessaloniki, Drama, Kilkis as well as the neighboring country Bulgaria.

it is the immediate and flawless service of our customers, with safety and consistency on scheduled or emergency routes as well as our constant modernization in order to constantly improve.

We believe that you will find our prices competitive, our products of excellent quality and our communication perfect. Our aim is to be able to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.